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Sep 19, 2011

Avoid drunkeness

How to Stop Drinking..? Far too often, the traditional wisdom for how to stop drinking is plagued with useless relapse prevention tactics that try to pinpoint our problems and triggers in helping us to prevent relapse. My experience has shown this to be ineffective.

Better than tactics for recovery are strategies. Strategy is more useful because it is more encompassing and can affect larger areas of our lives, in such a way that we can affect massive change. Using tactics is more short term and leads to smaller, more incremental changes. In addiction recovery, we need massive change. We need to change everything. Strategies are the way to do that, because they give a broader sense of guidance for all of our actions and decisions. If your a habitual drunkard person you can see what happened after loose your control.


  1. For Liquor Lovers,

    Just forget about this articles on this kind of bad websites. Drink daily. But keep in touch about your limit



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