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Aug 22, 2011

Robin Of Sherwood cast - Then & Now

Robin of Sherwood (retitled Robin Hood in the United States), was an acclaimed and highly influential 1980s British television series, based on the legend of Robin Hood. Created by Richard Carpenter, it was produced by HTV in association with Goldcrest, and ran from 1984 to 1986 on the ITV network. In America it was retitled Robin Hood and shown on the premium cable TV channel Showtime and on PBS. The show starred Michael Praed and Jason Connery as two different incarnations of the title character. Unlike previous adaptations of the Robin Hood legend, Robin of Sherwood
combined a gritty, authentic production design with elements of real-life history and pagan myth. The cast of Robin hood was scatted around. Take a look of them when they acting in the drama and now.

Robin of Loxley (Michael Praed)
Born the son of Anglo-Saxon nobleman Ailric of Loxley, who died in a rebellion, he is raised by the local miller. As an adult he accepts Herne's charge and becomes the prophesied "Hooded Man". Hiding in Sherwood Forest, he assembles a number of friends until he is killed at the end of Season 2.

Michael Praed (Then)

Michael Praed (now)

Robert de Rainault, Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace)
The king's chief representative in Nottingham and Sherwood, he is mainly interested in increasing his own power and wealth, competing with his younger brother, the Abbot. He considers his serfs mere chattels and hates women. He frequently relies on the brawn of Guy of Gisbourne, whom he nonetheless disrespects and ridicules for his failures. His ambition results in strained relations with fellow noblemen (who consider him an "awful little man"), and with a succession of kings

Nickolas Grace (Then)

Nickolas Grace (Now)

Guy of Gisbourne (Robert Addie)
Steward over the abbot's lands and "gamekeeper" of Sherwood, he is the chief military commander in the area. Self-identifying "a warrior and not a courtier", he is prone to disregard diplomacy and tact in favour of brute force but he is also able to use cunning. He resents the Sheriff for frequently taunting him and Robin for being the cause of these taunts. After a rocky start he gained the respect of Prince John. Later it is revealed that he is the Earl of Huntingdon's illegitimate son and thus the second Robin's half-brother.

Robert Addie(Then)

Robert Addie (Now)

Friar Tuck (Phil Rose)
The Sheriff of Nottingham's chaplain, he helps Lady Marion escape into Sherwood and joins the Merry Men, forming a fast friendship with Little John.

Phil Rose (Then)

Phil Rose (Now)

Lady Marion of Leaford (Judi Trott)
Orphaned daughter of an Anglo-Saxon nobleman, Marion lives as a ward of Abbot Hugo, who is keen on gaining her inheritance. She first enters a monastery but when Simon de Belleme desires her as his bride (actually with the intention of sacrificing her), she escapes into Sherwood Forest, where she falls in love with and marries Robin Hood. She is later rescued by Robert of Huntingdon.

Judi Trott (Then)

Judi Trott (Now)

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  1. Thanks for the collection.

  2. My best TV Series "Robin Hood"

  3. I like very much this TV Series. In my childhood my favorite story. This characters still living in our hearts. The forests, bow & arrow those days bring us strange. Thanks for this blog author for remind us about our childhood hero's.

  4. Loved watching it. Great stuff. Jason Connery was great in the lead too.

  5. Am even watching this series now.. takes me to my childhood...

  6. its wonderful to look at them, having watched so many mini series from Showtime to ABC to god knows what channel. This show still lingers in my mind. Its simply authentic. thank you so much


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